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VILT / Private Group

This course provides Identity and Access Management Professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to implement identity controls, maintain an organization’s identity & access posture, and identify and remediate identity vulnerabilities. This course includes topics for identity management and governance, access management for applications and device, and end-to-end authentication and access management operations.

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Mon 12.08.2024 15:00 CET Prague, Czech Republic VILT G2R English
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Mon 21.10.2024 15:00 CET Prague, Czech Republic VILT G2R English
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Mon 16.12.2024 15:00 CET Prague, Czech Republic VILT G2R English
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Delivery methods

VILT LIVE Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

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Who Should Attend

This course is targeted to those looking to familiarize themselves with the skills and knowledge to aligned to a Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator using Azure Active Directory and other across cloud-based and related Microsoft services. This is a broad audience that may include cloud administrators, security engineers, new or existing IT professionals, or students that have an interest in identity and access management solutions. The person taking this content should be familiar with Microsoft Azure and some knowledge of Microsoft 365 and wants to understand how Microsoft implements identity and access solutions in the cloud.


  • General understanding of Azure, Azure AD, and cloud computing concepts.
  • IT knowledge or experience working in an IT environment.
  • General understanding of security concepts like Zero Trust, Defense in Depth, and Least Privileged Access.

Course Objectives

  • Configure and manage Azure AD roles, custom domains, and device registration.
  • Configure tenant-wide settings, and delegation using administrative units.
  • Create, configure and manage users, groups, and licenses.


  1. Implement an Identity Management Solution
    • Learning Objectives
    • Implement the Initial Configuration of Azure AD
      • Configure and Manage Roles
      • Configure and Manage Custom Domains
      • Configure and Manage Device Registration
      • Configure Delegation by using Administrative Units
      • Configure Tenant Wide Settings
    • Create, Configure, and Manage Identities
      • Users
      • Groups
      • Manage Licenses
    • Implement and Manage External Identities
      • Collaboration
      • Invite External Users both Individually and in Bulk
      • Click-Through Demo - Invite Guest User to use an application
      • User Accounts in Azure Active Directory
      • Configure Identity Providers
    • Implement and Manage Hybrid Identity
      • Plan, Design, and Implement Azure AD Connect
      • Password Hash Synchronization
      • Pass Through Authentication
      • Watch the Demo - Manage passthrough authentication for Seamless Single Sign-on
      • Federation
      • Troubleshoot Synchronization Errors
      • Implement Azure AD Connect Health
      • Manage Azure AD Connect Health
  2. Implement Authentication and Access Solution
    • Learning Objectives
      • Plan and Implement Azure Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
      • Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
      • Planning for MFA
      • Configure Authentication Methods
    • Manage User Authentication
      • Administer FIDO 2 and Passwordless Authentication
      • Implement Authentication based on Windows Hello for Business
      • Deploy and Manage Password Protection
      • Implement and Manage Tenant Restrictions
    • Plan, Implement, and Administer Conditional Access
      • Plan for Security Defaults
      • Plan your Conditional Access Policies
      • Implement Conditional Access Policies, Controls, and Assignments
      • Test and Troubleshoot Conditional Access Policies
      • Implement Application Controls and Application Protection
      • Implement Sessions Management
      • Configure Smart Lockout Thresholds
    • Manage Azure AD Identity Protection
      • Review Identity Protection Basics
      • Implement and Manage User Risk Policy
      • Monitor and remediate elevated risky users
  3. Implement Access Management for Apps
    • Learning Objectives
    • Plan and Design the Integration of Enterprise Apps for SSO
      • Discover Apps using MCAS and App Report
      • Implement Access Management for Apps
      • Design and Implement App Management Roles
      • Create Custom Roles to Manage App Registration
      • Configure Pre-Integrated Gallery SaaS Apps
    • Implement and Monitor the Integration of Enterprise Apps for SSO
      • Implement and Configure Consent Settings
      • Integrate On-premises Apps using Azure AD App Proxy
      • Integrate Custom SaaS with Single Sign-On
      • Implement Application User Provisioning
      • Monitor and Audit Access to Azure AD Integrated Apps
    • Implement App Registration
      • Plan your Line-of-Business Application Registration Strategy
      • Implement Application Registration
      • Register an Application
      • Configure Application Permissions
      • Grant Tenant-Wide Admin Consent for Applications Registration
      • Implement Application Authorization
      • Add App Roles to Application Receive Token
  4. Plan and Implement and Identity Governance Strategy
    • Learning Objectives
    • Plan and Implement Entitlement Management
      • Define Access Packages
      • Create and Manage a Resource Catalog
      • Configure Entitlement Management
      • Add Terms-of-Use
      • Manage the Lifecycle of External Users in Azure AD Identity Governance Settings
    • Plan, Implement and Manage Access Reviews
      • Plan for Access Reviews
      • Create Access Review for Groups and Apps
      • Monitor Findings
      • Manage Licenses for Access Reviews
      • Automate Management Tasks of Access Reviews
      • Configure Recurring Access Reviews
    • Plan and Implement Privileged Access
      • Define a Strategy for Administrative Users
      • Configure PIM for Azure Resources
      • Configure PIM for Azure AD Roles
      • Assign Azure AD Roles using PIM
      • Assign Azure Resource Roles using PIM
      • Analyze PIM Audit History using Reports
      • Create and Manage Emergency Access Accounts
    • Monitor and Maintain Azure Active Directory
      • Analyze Sign-in Logs and Troubleshoot Access Issues
      • Review and Monitor Azure AD Audit-logs
      • Connect Data from Azure AD to Azure Sentinel
      • Export Logs to Third-Party Security Tools
      • Analyze Azure AD Workbooks and Reporting
      • Configure Notifications