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3 days

Delivery Methods

VILT / Private Group

PRINCE2® is the world’s most practised and recognised project management method and provides the essentials for managing any project of any size or complexity (PeopleCert).

On this 3-day course you’ll be introduced to the five connected elements of PRINCE2® – project context, principles, practices, processes, with people at its centre. Reflecting the changing face of project management, this latest version of PRINCE2® includes essential concepts such as sustainability, data management, commercial management and most importantly people management.

We help you to not only know PRINCE2®, but also apply and tailor it for your projects. Our experienced PRINCE2® expert trainers explain the method through a wide range of individual and group exercises, case-study application and practice exam questions.

Upcoming Class Dates and Times

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Mon 30.09.2024 9:00 CET Prague, Czech Republic VILT Czech
29,950.00 Kč
Mon 09.12.2024 9:00 CET Prague, Czech Republic VILT English
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Delivery methods

VILT LIVE Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

TILT Traditional Instructor-Led Training (TILT)

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What Benefits of PRINCE2® to Expect?

This course is designed to provide you with proven and practical knowledge and skills that are essential for the effective management of projects. The skills and knowledge you gain will help you avoid costly mistakes and increase your competitive edge in the project management profession.

Specific benefits of PRINCE2® include:

  • Better communication – its widespread use and understanding, provides a common project vocabulary for all those involved
  • Clearly defined responsibilities – all involved in the project understand each other's roles and there is a defined structure for accountability, delegation, authority, and communication
  • Adaptable to business and project needs – PRINCE2® can be tailored to all types of projects to help satisfy organization or industry-specific requirements.
  • Best practice – the method is widely recognised as the de-facto method for initiating and delivering projects

What is included in the course fee?

To complement your training, the course fee includes:

  • PRINCE2® manual: All learners receive a digital copy of ‘Managing Successful Projects With PRINCE2® v7’ which forms the core text for the method.
  • Learner workbook: The workbook contains the exercises that will ensure that your course is interactive, collaborative and builds a comprehensive understanding of the PRINCE2® method and how it can be best applied.
  • Practice Exam Papers: Each day, you will have the opportunity to practise official sample questions which consolidate your learning and prepare you effectively for each exam.

This class includes an exam voucher and retake exam voucher (Take2). PeopleCert exams are taken remotely via PeopleCert Online Proctoring (Online Proctored, OLP, Exam).


There are no formal pre-requisites for PRINCE2® Foundation but course delegates would benefit from some prior experience of working in projects.

Target audience

PRINCE2® Foundation is designed for project management professionals who wish to understand more about the PRINCE2® project management method. More specifically:

  • Those considering adopting PRINCE2®
  • Project managers
  • Project team managers and leaders
  • Project coordinators
  • Project support staff
  • Project officers
  • Consultants and contractors

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will understand each integrated element of the PRINCE2® framework.

  • Project context – The application of each PRINCE2® element must be fit for the project it is being applied to, including its size, strategic importance, industry sector etc.
  • Principles – Seven guiding obligations underpin the management of a PRINCE2® project, and if these are not applied, it is not a PRINCE2® project.
  • People – People are central to a PRINCE2® project, including those who are working on the project and those who may be impacted by it. You will understand the needs, capability, motivation, and interrelationships of each stakeholder, helping you to manage them effectively.
  • Practices – The seven project management practices must be applied consistently throughout the project and these practices form the core of PRINCE2®. The course covers why each practice is necessary and how it should be applied.
  • Processes – The PRINCE2® lifecycle consists of seven lifecycle processes which detail the responsibilities and activities that should be undertaken from a project’s conception through to its final closure.

Course Outline

Detailed content for the course includes:

  1. Project context
    • Organizational context
    • Commercial context
    • Delivery methods
    • Sustainability
    • Project scale
    • Features and benefits of PRINCE2
  2. Principles
    • Ensure continued business justification
    • Learn from experience
    • Define roles, responsibilities, relationships
    • Manage by exception
    • Manage by stages
    • Focus on products
    • Tailor to suit project
  3. People
    • Leading successful change
    • Leading successful teams
    • Communication
    • Putting people central to the method
  4. Practices
    • Business case
    • Organizing
    • Plans
    • Quality
    • Risk
    • Issues
    • Progress
  5. Processes
    • Starting up a project
    • Directing a project
    • Initiating a project
    • Controlling a stage
    • Managing product delivery
    • Managing stage boundaries
    • Closing a project