GDPR & Data Privacy kurzy a certifikace

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) vyžaduje, aby mnoho organizací jmenovalo pověřence pro ochranu osobních údajů (Data Protection Officer, DPO). International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) odhaduje, že v nadcházejících měsících bude potřeba více než 75 000 DPO. Jste připraveni na DPO? Ať už děláte první krok v informovanosti, nebo jste připraveni získat certifikát profesionála v oblasti ochrany dat, NH Prague Knowledge Centers jsou zde, aby vám na této cestě pomohla.

Certified Information Privacy Professional (EU) (CIPP/E) | 2 dny

Achieving a CIPP/E credential shows you have the comprehensive GDPR knowledge, perspective and understanding to ensure compliance and data protection success in Europe—and to take advantage of the career opportunity this sweeping legislation represents.

Ideal for: Data Protection Officers, Data Protection Lawyers, Records Managers, Information Officers, Compliance Officers, Human Resource Officers, Anyone who uses, processes and maintains personal data.

Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) | 2 dny

The CIPM is the world’s first and only certification in privacy programme management. When a student earns a CIPM, it shows that you know how to make a privacy programme work for your organisation. In other words, you’re the go-to person for day-to-day operations when it comes to data protection.

Ideal for: Data Protection Officers, Data Protection Managers, Auditors, Legal Compliance Officers, Security Manager, Information Managers, Anyone involved with data protection processes and programmes.

Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) | 2 dny

Those taking the course will develop an understanding of privacy-related issues and practices in the context of the design and implementation of information and communication technologies and systems.

Ideal for: Data Protection Officers, IT Managers and Administrators, Records Managers, System Developers, IT Security specialist, Anyone who builds and develops IT systems.

AI Governance Professional (AIGP) | 2 dny

Aligned with the AIGP certification program, AI Governance Professional Training is for professionals tasked with implementing AI governance and risk management in their organizations. It provides baseline knowledge and strategies for responding to complex risks associated with the evolving AI landscape. This training meets the rapidly growing need for professionals who can develop, integrate and deploy trustworthy AI systems in line with emerging laws and policies.

Ideal for: Any professionals tasked with developing AI governance and risk management in their operations, and anyone pursuing IAPP Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional certification.